Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the party deposit?  
A: You will need to submit a deposit of $50 in order to book a party. 


Q: What if I need to change the number of guests, type of party package, food choice, etc.?  A: If you need to make any changes to your party you can contact us via phone and we will make the changes. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate you. We may also call you 2-3 days before your party to confirm all of the details. The day of the party we do an additional headcount of gamers.  

Q: How many people does your lounge hold?  
A: There are 7 TV stations so if each TV is being used for 4-player, multiplayer games, we could hold up to 28 people playing at once. A lot of the time however, gamers will choose to play single-player or two-player games, or take turns. 


Q: How early should we arrive at the store?  
A: Normally the birthday family arrives up to 15 minutes before the party starts. We’ll have all the games you selected set up in the lounge to play.    


Q: Can the kids just put in the games and play?  
A: No. Our staff members will be responsible for setting up all of the games and consoles for the guests. Gamers will inform the staff when they want to change a game. For younger gamers, we will only put on games approved by the Birthday parents.


Q: Who will be working my party?  
A: Our trained Gaming Coach will host your party at all times.  


Q: Where and when is food served?  
A: We set up tables and chairs in the center of our Gaming Lounge. We usually serve the main food and cake halfway through the party. 


Q: What if I want to order more food, e.g., for the parents?  
A: You may order any amount of food needed for serve your guest. 


Q: Can I bring my own food or dessert?  
A: You are welcome to bring your own cake, drinks and snacks.
We can arrange for you to bring in outside food.   

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?  
A: All forms of payment are accepted for the initial deposit. For the final payment, we do not accept check, only cash and debit/credit cards.  


Q: Is gratuity included in the bill?  
A: No, we do not include gratuity in the bill.  

Q: Will other people be able to come in and play if my kids aren't using a station?  
A: No, the lounge is closed off for your use only.